the artemis suite

Collect data directly from the floor to enable complete operational visibility on a single user interface.

Get started with the artemis suite

Artemis OnSite
An easy to install device that captures data directly from production lines and machines on the factory floor.
Artemis Cloud
A sleek platform that ties together data from core systems like ERPs, payroll providers, and Artemis On Site devices.
On Site and Cloud work together to provide a holistic view of production efficiency and financial performance.

Complete analysis


Analyze and understand variations in overall performance by SKU. Identify products and types that weigh down efficiency.


Understand production and performance trends across a whole department at-a glance.


Check-in on the performance of an entire factory in real time.

"This has been a fantastic platform that enables loving lean daily management, leadership and accountability."

Luigi Cusano
Business Unit General Manager at Bright Innovation Labs

what artemis has done for our clients.

Bright Case Study

Oscillas responded to this need by working closely with Bright to develop and implement a bespoke suite of software called BEST (Bright Efficient System Transformation). BEST is designed to integrate with the variety of Bright’scurrent and future core systems to provide unprecedented visibility across thewhole of the company.