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About Oscillas
At Oscillas, we help companies identify and implement strategies to become more efficient with automation.

We do this by creating custom strategies and tools (for industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and real estate) that make businesses more agile and profitable in the long run.

We nail the basics, excel at making the complicated simple, and ultimately make sure that our client's experience working with us makes their business more profitable and capable.

The problems that we work on are unique and challenging by their nature. Our clients come to us because there isn’t an off-the-shelf solution for their needs. As a result, each engagement that we take on is pushing the envelope in each client’s industry.

Who We’re Looking For
We’re looking for software engineers who:
- Get excited about new and interesting problems
- Like to learn about new industries and businesses
- Come up with creative solutions and approachesWork well on a team
- Are enthusiastic about sharing their work and results

Work together to plan and scope new projects
- Participate in the full software development lifecycle from ideation to implementation, testing, and deployment
- Identify and address performance improvements, bugs, and maintainability throughout our set of systems
- Integrate with a wide variety of systems from legacy codebases to IoT devices
- Learn about and document client workflows and processesLead technology decisions and collaborate on architectural planning
- Build reliable and performant systems to address client needs
- Work with clients to present solutions, collect feedback, and continually improve solutions

Optimal Candidate
We tend not to list “requirements” since there are many ways to become a software engineer. Instead, we’ve listed below some of the characteristics of an optimal candidate for this role.
The optimal candidate will have experience:
-Working on a software development team (and using version control software in a team setting
- Collaborating with outside and non-technical stakeholders to design requirements and solutions
- Using cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, or Azure (we are AWS Partners) With Test-Driven Development (TDD) or similar software testing methodologies
- Analyzing data and finding performant ways to collate/process data sets
- Creating new and flexible data structures and hierarchies
- Building ETL processes
- API Design and development

Languages and Tools:
PHP (Laravel Framework)
- MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL
- Vue
- Charting Libraries (ex: AmCharts)

Please e-mail your resume to contact@oscillas.com

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