How Bright Innovation Labs modernized their operations with help from Oscillas

May 10, 2022


Bright Innovation Labs is the leading full-service contract manufacturer and formulator for beauty and personal care products in the North American market. Their customers consist of the most dominant brands in the beauty industry involving a variety of products including haircare, fragrances, and body lotions. Bright also assists with every aspect of product development from formulation to packaging within their premier manufacturing and R&D facilities out of Arizona, California, and Ohio.


After their 2019 acquisition by Aterian Investment Partners, and subsequent expansion via a merger with Bocchi Laboratories, Bright sought to improve and singularize their capabilities to track key production metrics at every level of their operation.

Until this point, limitations of ERP systems, pen-and-paper processes, and additional disparate systems for tracking plant performance made it difficult to gain a full bird’s-eye view of operations.

To achieve their goals for operational efficiency and client success, Bright needed to make technological investments to consolidate this information to allow greater visibility, monitoring, and analytics that ultimately result in actionable insights that enable them to make strategic decisions using hard data.


The Bright team is comprised of experienced operators that have been around the block when it comes to solutions for industrial enterprise applications. Because of this, on top of the standard work expected of any acquisition and merger, Bright knew they needed something unique to tie their high-level systems together and provide true whole-operation visibility.

Oscillas responded to this need by working closely with Bright to develop and implement a bespoke suite of software called BEST (Bright Efficient System Transformation). BEST is designed to integrate with the variety of Bright’s current and future core systems to provide unprecedented visibility across the whole of the company.

Built on Amazon Web Services, the BEST system currently integrates with ERP systems (SAP, Deacom), payroll providers (Paychex), and a variety of other proprietary systems and tools. Additionally, BEST has completely replaced multiple processes on the manufacturing floor that have allowed the system to supplement existing information with the granularity of real-time manufacturing data.

With BEST, Bright's entire team is capable of seeing real-time progress. This ability has given their company unmatched management capabilities and continues to elevate their business.

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