Rapid Property View: What’s New in 2022

May 10, 2022

After an incredible year expanding our client base and learning from leaders across the property management space, RPV has never been better.  

Through working with all facets of PM we’ve been able to develop a tool that cuts through tedious processes to put your team in the position to grow your portfolio rather quickly at no cost to you. From leasing to accounting and work orders – RPV, more than ever before, is the key to complete operational visibility.  

I’ll let you in on a few new things we are particularly excited about:

AppFolio Linking

Our clients were over the moon about this and therefore we are too. With a single click the associated AppFolio records will pop up immediately – making it easier to navigate both your AppFolio and RPV environments.  

Improved Dashboard Performance

We’ve restructured the backend of RPV to improve dashboard and query performance by more than 25%, allowing for even more in-depth analysis.

Additional Data

We’ve added additional report types to further our capabilities regarding maintenance, accounting, and renewals.

Overall customizability

The beauty of working so closely with our clients really shows here. We have been able to hone in on their dream dashboards and metrics that they otherwise thought couldn’t exist. The result of this teamwork has made some incredibly clever dashboards you have to see for yourself.  

To reiterate – there are a million more bells and whistles we have added / changed / improved but you might just have to schedule a demo for all the details.

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