The leading edge in customized property management solutions.

Manage twice as many units with the same size team.

Save time and money by automating reporting tasks. Create custom workflows to reduce operational strain and maximize scalability.
RPV’s custom alerts make you aware of new issues right when they occur. Keep up-to-date as issues are fixed.
Use metrics to measure and monitor efficiency. Identify areas for improvement, and measure the effects in real-time.
Seamless Transition

After signing, your firm's RPV user interface can be up and running within 10 days. This includes historical data as far back your data goes.

Customized Dashboards

RPV is tailored to your firm's specific needs. Not only can you customize our core suite of dashboards, but work with us to create new ones with no additional fee.

Efficient Communication

Easily download and share data or dashboards with clients, investors, and your team. Make RPV an app for in-the-field visibility or broadcast your productivity on the office TV.

"Our goal with Atlas is always to provide unmatched transparency and opportunity to our clients. With the addition of RPV’s platform, we can now operate more effectively and efficiently than ever before."

Jessica Koonz
COO, Atlas Asset Management.

what rpv has done for property managers

RAPID PROPERTY VIEW: What's new in 2022

Through working with all facets of PM we’ve been able to develop a tool that cuts through tedious processes to put your team in the position to grow your portfolio rather quickly at no cost to you. From leasing to accounting and work orders – RPV, more than ever before, is the key to complete operational visibility.